1What will the admissions assessment be like and can I prepare for it?
Foundation Stage children will be assessed within a play based environment with other children. Students in Year 1 will sit a written assessment in reading and maths. Students in year 2 – 6 will sit a CAT 4 assessment. This assessment is not something you can prepare for as it is a gauge of the child’s current academic knowledge.
2Is bus transportation available to my area and how much does it cost?

Our buses cover almost all Dubai’s areas from Jebel Ali to Sharjah for more information contact the school reception.

3What are the class sizes?
Foundation Stage classes are capped at 22
Primary classes are capped at 25
4What is the student demographic?
We are a multicultural environment that reflects the diversity of the UAE. We currently have over thirty nationalities amongst our student body.
5What are the nationality of the teachers?
All our teachers are native English speaking and have significant knowledge and experience in teaching the English National Curriculum. AS a BSME accredited school, we maintain a majority British homeroom teachers.
6Which grade/year should my child be in?
Schools are required to comply with the age/grade criteria and the cut-off date of 31st December for all curriculums with no exception as per the ministerial decree (820) of 2014. Visit https://www.khda.gov.ae/en/ Website to check age/grade criteria.
7How should I prepare my child for FS1?
FS1 children should be prepared for being in a setting without their parents. It is also important to start encouraging your child to be independent in eating, dressing and tidying up.

We would also encourage you to develop your child’s social skills with other children the same age, this can be done by joining parenting groups, play groups or sending your child to nursery.

Being toilet trained is a requirement for all children entering FS1.

8What is KHDA and why do we have to register?
KHDA is the Knowledge and Human Development Authority that regulate Private Schools within Dubai. KHDA registration is prescribed by the Dubai Government for legitimate residence in the country and proper registration in a Dubai School. Failure to comply may result in the school taking punitive action as mandated by KHDA, and this may range from temporary suspension to cancellation of admission.
9What is the KHDA parent contract?
A constructive partnership between the school and parents is key to ensuring students ‘well-being is at the core their educational experience. It is beneficial for all concerned if this partnership is based on agreed terms and conditions set out clearly in a contract from KHDA has introduced as a Parent School Contract for all Schools in Dubai. Parents are required to sign the Parent School Contract for each academic year (this is mandatory KHDA requirement).
10What does the ‘resource fee’ cover?
The resource fee will cover all consumables used in the classrooms, applications for the iPads, and books.
11How and how much will iPads be used?
FS use their iPads for 40 minutes per week to engage in activities such as coding and familiarising themselves with the technology. Primary use the iPad for 80 minutes per week during ICT lessons. Years 3-6 use their iPads daily to enhance their learning and create projects, complete homework, research and class lessons.
12Does the school offer other languages than English and Arabic?
We currently only offer Arabic as per the UAE National curriculum.
13Is swimming part of the curriculum?
Swimming is a part of the curriculum for Years 1-6. Each year group will get an opportunity to swim once a week for one complete term. The swimming classes will be given at Al Wasl sports club with a swimming coach.
14Can my child buy lunch at school?
Children are able to buy lunch or snacks from the schools canteen, by bringing cash or parents are able to purchase advance vouchers.
15How and when do I pay fees?
School Fees:

All fees are payable by either of the following options:

1) Full payment of all fees for full academic year by 23rd August 2018
2) Full payment of all Term One fees by 23rd August 2018, together with post-dated cheques (27th December 2018 & 28th March 2019) for Terms Two and Three submitted by 23rd August 2018.

All fees can be paid at the school’s Account’s Office by Cash, Credit Card, Cheque or Bank Transfer

Fees for field trips, events, are paid to the Class Teacher as and when such an activity takes place.

Cheque to be prepared in favour of THE ALPHA SCHOOL LLC as per the above mentioned dates.

16What are the bank details of the school?

*Bank Transfer

Account Title The Alpha School LLC
Bank Name MCB Bank Limited, Al Karama Dubai
Account Number 0000008760000022
IBAN Number AE590910000008760000022
Please email your proof of payment  to accounts@alphaschool.ae and copy to cashier@alphaschool.ae
17Will my child have books?
Yes, although the school is classed as a digital school, children still use traditional methods, digital learning is used enhance and compliment this.
18Are there any discounts available?
The only fee discount available is for up to two siblings (three children in total), 10% on the youngest sibling and 5% of the next sibling. ESAAD discount is available for new admissions for one year only at 15%.
19What Curriculum is the school?
The National Curriculum of England
20What are the fees
Fee information can be found here https://alphaschool.ae/tuition-fees/
21What specialist subjects are on offer?
  • Music,
  • Arabic and Islamic - daily
  • Art
  • Library
  • PE
  • ICT
22School day timing?
School is open at 7:30am, students are required in class by 7:50am FS finishes 12:40 every day Year 1 – 6, 2:40pm Sunday – Wednesday, 12:40pm Thursday
23What after school activities are on offer?
We offer a variety paid after school activities provided by outside providers, eg Ballet, Parkour, robotics, football, gymnastics
24What is the homework policy?


To be sent home on the allocated library day:

  • 10 minutes daily reading in English, child reading their guided reading book to their parent
  • 10minutes daily reading in English, parent reading the library book to their child
  • 1 minute of daily phonic flashcard reading
  • Weekly Spelling list in English for extra practise (not mandatory)


  • Weekly spelling Arabic and English
  • 10 minutes daily reading in both Arabic and English.
  • Other activities will build over the year to include simple mathematics, inquiry and Arabic tasks (it must be noted that some children may not be ready to perform these tasks early on and would, therefore, require some time to catch up.)


Homework should be given every Sunday and collected by Thursday of the same week. Teachers may

wish to give children Unit/Science based activities or projects which could be be completed over an

extended period of time. In this case, please make sure that this is clearly communicated to parents via


  • Weekly spelling Arabic and English
  • 15/20 minutes daily reading in both Arabic and English.
  • Mathematics for up to 25 minutes per week.
  • English writing for up to 25 minutes per week.
  • Arabic writing for up to 25 minutes per week.
  • Unit related and/or Science activities for up to 25 minutes per week.
  • Muslim students are expected to learn verses from the Holy Quran in addition to

Hadiths in Islamic Studies. This homework is set once per week.

Homework should be predominately comprised of written activities. Digital homework may be given but should never exceed more than one piece of homework per week in all subject combined.