The Alpha School offers a modern, broad and enriched British curriculum that caters to student’s individual needs, unique learning styles and fully prepares them for future success in global contexts.

We offer the Early Years Foundation Stage Programme for our 3 to 5 year olds and the new National Curriculum for England for Years One through Year Six.

Our unique Alpha curriculum however, offers much more. It provides a depth and breadth of learning through its explicit focus on three elements; content, skills and values. Our integrated approaches promote cross-curricular and conceptual connections to:

  • Engage our students in self-driven learning
  • To act as advocates for what is important and
  • To apply their learning to effect positive impact in their world

We believe that a quality education is about preparing our students for life. Our approach to learning is one which focuses not only on academic excellence, but also on the development of skills and character to mould responsible global citizens and confident and capable leaders of the future.

The Alpha curriculum, replete with its integration of the history and culture of the United Arab Emirates, promotes and celebrates diversity and global citizenship along with enabling a deep knowledge and appreciation of Emirati culture, heritage and language.