At Alpha, learning is viewed as a continuous journey, where teachers identify students’ prior knowledge, curiosities and needs and use assessment data to plan the next stage of their learning. Teachers use a wide range of assessment strategies to collect information throughout the entire learning process. Formative assessment involves the student at its core and focuses not only on acquisition of knowledge, but skills and attitudes.

A combination of formative, summative and diagnostic assessment strategies and assessment for learning are systematically used to monitor student progress to impact learning and inform teaching.

These are:

Foundation Stage

The mode of assessment in Foundation Stage is personalised and ongoing. Teachers maintain student’s attainment data through regular extended observations of each child as they perform tasks and participate in varied, purposeful learning experiences. From these observations, progress is noted and next steps are established. Progress is evidenced and celebrated through student’s physical and digital portfolios, which are shared regularly with parents.

Year 1 to Year 6

Assessment in Key Stages One and Two consists of a balance of oral, written and practical work and reflects the individual’s personal and academic progress throughout the term. Alpha students are fully involved in the establishment of success criteria and are provided choice in how they demonstrate their learning. Peer and teacher feedback is integral in a continuous process of reflection and personal target setting.

In order to assure high level, international standards, The Alpha School implements a number of externally-provided, international, benchmark assessments. Alpha uses GL Assessments across the Foundation Stage and Primary school as per KHDA recommendations for British schools in the UAE.

Students in the following year groups undertake the following external assessments:

  • FS2 - GL Baseline (4 year-old) assessment.
  • Y1-Y6 GL Progress Tests in English, Mathematics and Science
  • Y3-Y6 GL Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT4)

More information about each of these assessments, please refer to GL Website. https://www.gl-assessment.co.uk/