Admissions at Alpha

The Alpha School seeks to offer a fully inclusive educational experience to each and every student irrespective of their diverse needs. We are committed to investing in quality, specialist staff and programmes to fully support a realistic realm of special education needs and disabilities.

Our admissions policy is by nature inclusive but contained by our ability to support students’ diverse needs aligned with our mission. Mandatory admissions assessments establish each applicant’s academic level, to ensure that he/she is able to access the school programme of instruction with/without the provision of available support.

Admissions testing is diagnostic to allow us a deep understanding of your child’s learning preferences and projected capabilities along with their current academic level. The information provided informs us in the delivery of a personalised challenging programme of instruction for every student.

The Alpha School highly values multilingualism and as such, encourages applications from students whose first language is not the language of instruction (English). We offer intensive intervention programmes for students who demonstrate through admission testing, capability to succeed with additional language support. Please refer to our English as Additional Language Policy.

Alpha School models and upholds the highest of standards in human interactions and behaviour management. Our Pastoral Care Programme provides absolute transparency for students and parents alike; ensuring an environment where all are driven by positive values and clear expectations. Please refer to our Behavior Policy https://alphaschool.ae/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/behavior-policy.pdf

The Alpha School highly values personalised instruction and therefore sets a target class size not exceeding 23 students across Foundation Stage and 25 students across Primary.